When BugMonitor flags network errors on your site, but you can’t find any issues, it can be pretty frustrating. Let’s look into what might cause these and how to solve them.

Why do errors vanish when you look for them?

Random one-off errors

If these reports only pop up now and then, it’s likely an issue on the visitor’s end, like their internet connection dropping or them closing their browser before the page fully loads. In this case, there’s not much you can do; these errors are part of normal website operation and you can ignore them.

Repeated errors you can’t see

But if you keep getting error reports and still see no problem, it might point to something else:

  • Browser-specific errors: The issue might only happen in certain browsers or on certain devices.
  • Temporary server/network issues: Sometimes, server-side or network problems can cause these errors, appearing only at certain times.

What can you do?

Broad testing

  • Test with different browsers: Try accessing your site with various browsers to see if the error can be replicated.
  • Test under different user conditions: If the error was reported for logged-in users, test it while logged in; if it’s about new visitors, try testing in incognito mode.

Following these steps, you can gradually find and fix the issue, improving your site’s reliability. The goal isn’t just more testing, but smarter testing to better match real user conditions.