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network error

Network Errors

We'll alert you if there's a 40x or 50x error on the site. We also monitor CORS errors and report any CSP issues. Essentially, as the name suggests, this section focuses on issues related to network connectivity.
seo problem

SEO problems

BugMonitor constantly monitors those on-site SEO errors that are otherwise hard to notice. If an alt tag is not set for a certain image, or if the automatically generated title or meta descriptions are not appropriate, these are almost impossible to check on every page in any other way.
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ux problem

UX problem

BugMonitor identifies and provides insights on crucial user experience issues. It highlights non-responsive elements that can affect conversions, flags slow AJAX requests impacting page responsiveness, and monitors pages with high bounce rates (>50%). Enhance UX and boost conversions with actionable feedback from BugMonitor.
ui problem

UI problem

It's nearly impossible to test a website on every device, so visitors might experience a disrupted layout, protruding elements, hard-to-read tiny text, or clickable items too close to each other, making it challenging to tap on mobile. BugMonitor tracks and alerts you of these issues, providing screenshots, so you can easily spot and fix these UI issues.
javascript error

JavaScript errors

In today's modern WordPress sites, JavaScript is indispensable. A potential JavaScript error can render a site completely unusable, preventing visitors from making purchases or subscribing. What's more, these errors sometimes only manifest in specific circumstances. Often, they're only detected after days without new orders or subscriptions. However, BugMonitor actively monitors and reports every JavaScript error, allowing you to easily identify and fix them.
webvitals issues

WebVitals issues

In many cases, testing tools like PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix don't adequately flag web vitals errors because they don't test the site on real devices, and the actual internet connection of users can also influence these values. With BugMonitor, you can be notified if the real user metrics for FCP, LCP, or CLS are not optimal. This allows you to address them before they lead to SEO issues and adversely impact conversions.
functional errors

Functional errors

The worst issues are functional errors. It's likely that your website has encountered them at some point—even if you're unaware. There might have been times when certain links, buttons, menu items, or forms didn't work correctly. It's extremely frustrating to notice a decline in orders without having a clue about the problem. Manually checking every menu item, button, link, or form is almost impossible; it's time-consuming, and you can never be sure you've tested everything thoroughly. However, BugMonitor does this for you. If a link, button, or form on your site isn't working, BugMonitor alerts you and even records the user session, allowing you to see exactly what happened.
wordpress errors

WordPress errors

In the WordPress environment, it's common for plugins to conflict, especially after updates. It would be almost impossible to manually test every single subpage following an update, but BugMonitor does exactly that for you. Whenever there's a server-side error, BugMonitor alerts you and also specifies which plugin or theme is causing the issue.