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Begin your journey with BugMonitor at no cost! You will get notified about any errors just like with the paid version.

You only need to subscribe if you're interested in the details of the errors, or if you would like to view recorded sessions and screenshots, or access premium features such as uptime monitoring.

BugMonitor in action


Bug Monitor is a comprehensive bug monitoring plugin for WordPress. It detects errors and notifies you, ensuring that your site runs error-free.
All data is stored on your server. This approach ensures GDPR compliance and allows you to manage your data efficiently.

You don't need to worry about disk space usage; a single screenshot or video will only be a few megabytes.
In short: no

BugMonitor is a lightweight plugin and has a minimal impact on performance. The total JS is <30kb uncompressed (~12kb compressed). It will send requests in the background, but only on user interaction or when the user navigates or closes the page, ensuring no impact on performance.

BugMonitor won't use notable CPU or memory, as we have optimized all SQL queries and computing processes.

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Absolutely. If an error occurs during a user's session, Bug Monitor will record it. This allows you to replay and observe the session from the user's perspective.
Bug Monitor employs JavaScript to identify frontend errors, and utilizes WordPress hooks and PHP to detect server-side errors.
Yes, you can. BugMonitor dispatches an instant email alert for critical errors. For less severe errors and warnings, you'll receive a daily summary. However, you have the option to disable these notifications if preferred.
As a web developer, I find BugMonitor indispensable. It accurately detects UI and UX issues across devices, which has drastically improved my site's user experience. It's easy to use and incredibly efficient.
★★★★★ János Lődi
I was part of the testing in the alpha phase. The plugin's instant alerts for PHP and JavaScript errors have kept my site running smoothly. Highly recommended for any site owner!
★★★★★ Bence Tamás